Parkinson endorses Six for state's top attorney job

Gov. Mark Parkinson endorsed state Attorney General Steve Six on Wednesday in the race for the job of the state’s top prosecutor.

"In just three years, Attorney General Six has turned the Attorney General's office around by focusing on the right priorities instead of political agendas," said Parkinson,a Democrat, in a written statement.

Six, a Democrat, was appointed by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in 2008 to serve the remainder of the term when former Attorney General Paul Morrison stepped down after admitting to an affair with a staffer.

Six is now running against Senate Republican Leader Derek Schmidt, of Independence, in November’s election.

"Working with Governor Parkinson, we've cut our own taxpayer funded budget almost in half while at the same time protecting vital funding that is being used to eliminate the DNA backlog and keep sexually violent predators off the streets and away from our children,” Six said.