McConnell HIV case unfortunate, commissioner says

The director of Sedgwick County’s health department updated commissioners this morning about the number of sexually transmitted diseases, focusing in part on HIV and AIDS in light of a case involving a sergeant at McConnell Air Force Base.

Tech. Sgt. David Gutierrez has been charged in military court with aggravated assault and other offenses, accused of knowingly having unprotected sex with others without telling them about his HIV-positive status.

Health department director Claudia Blackburn said the county encourages anyone who might have been at risk to call the county and get tested.

Documents say that Gutierrez used adult websitees to find casual sex partners and attended “swinger” parties where promiscuous sex is common.

Blackburn said 729 people in the county are living with HIV or AIDS.

Commissioner Kelly Parks noted that the case at McConnell has drawn national attention. He called it unfortunate.

Commissioner Dave Unruh said he was glad that people are talking about sexually transmitted diseases instead of hiding in the dark about what whas once a taboo topic.