Bullet For My Valentine leaves Wichita metal fans pleased

Bullet For My Valentine received a nice Kansas greeting Wednesday night as the band, like most people in the Wichita area, was pelted with hail and threatened with tornado warnings.

“We got here (Wednesday) night in all of the bad weather,” drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas said. “We flew in through that crazy storm. It was quite a crazy night for us actually.”

Looking to deal out a little payback, Bullet unleashed a flurry of head-numbing songs in a set list that offered a blistering tempo that few metal bands can match Thursday night at the Cotillion. The band kicked off its U.S. Fever tour with the heavy track "Your Betrayal" off of its latest album Fever.

“Obviously we wanted the songs to come over from the CD really passionate and powerful live,” Moose said. “We’re glad everyone’s seemed to like the new songs equally if not better than the old ones.”

Smoke from the dry ice machines and strobes, which fired off in unison with the drum and guitar countdown, set the mood for a crowd that seemed intent on banging its head until the music stopped.

“I think Wichita is due for some speed,” lead vocalist Matthew Tuck said moments before he and fellow guitarist Matthew Paget hit the crowd with all they had in "Waking The Demon" off of their second album "Scream Aim Fire." In the middle of the breakdown about three quarters through the song, Tuck challenged fans in the middle of the crowd to start a real circle pit.

“Don’t disappoint me,” he said seconds before screaming “Whoa! Tread” into the microphone. On cue fists flew, pushing started and a crowd in the middle of the Cotillion went into a frenzy moshing to the hair-raising sound of Paget going crazy on the guitar.

As expected Bullet ended the concert with an unforgettable and elongated version of "Hand of Blood," the band’s first single from its debut album "The Poison."

The groups Black Tide and Escape the Fate were on hand to open for Bullet. Escape set the stage for Bullet with sound that was more hard rock than metal. It hit heavy with songs like "Issues" and "This War is Ours" off of its self-titled album.

The band actually orchestrated "the wall of death", which is the ultimate sign of a good metal show, on its final song "This War is Ours." The crowd split into halves and collided at the most intense part of the song, leaving it thirsty for Bullet and more metal.