Man faces murder trial in 2008 death of Wichita businessman

WICHITA — A man accused of helping kill a Wichita businessman in 2008 is scheduled to go on trial today for first-degree murder.

Kedrin Littlejohn, 21, is accused in the death of Jim Collins, the owner of Marquee Motors, in May 2008.

Collins was shot and abducted from his business on East Douglas. He was then run over by a car stolen from his garage during the abduction.

Shannon Bogguess was convicted in September 2009 of murder, kidnapping, robbery and assault for the crime. He is serving a life sentence.

During his bench trial in front of Judge Terry Pullman, Bogguess told police that Littlejohn shot Collins inside Marquee Motors.

Police said Bogguess and Littlejohn drove Collins to the 500 block of South St. Francis, where Collins briefly escaped the Hummer Bogguess was driving. Bogguess said he shot Collins the second time to keep Littlejohn from killing the businessman.

Bogguess said he was driving the Hummer when it ran over Collins. But Bogguess claimed Littlejohn grabbed the wheel and steered the vehicle toward Collins.

Pullman also will preside over Littlejohn's trial.