Wichita went three months without dropping below 60

While Wichita had a healthy dose of 100s this past summer, the real reason 2010 went down as the hottest summer in 30 years was what happened once the sun went down.

For 95 straight days, the thermometer never dropped below 60 in Wichita. That’s the third-longest streak of its kind since records began being kept in the city in 1888, according to the National Weather Service.

Only 1922 with 98 straight days and 1980 with 96 were longer. It’s rather fitting, I’d say, that 2010 was a close third to 1980, given their places in the weather record books.

Wichita went from May 21 to August 24 without seeing the 50s this year. As recently as Sept. 22, however, the overnight low was 74.

Sept. 22, ironically, is the date for earliest freeze in Wichita history.

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