Research shows Wichita's scorching summer is making history

The summer of 2010 is beginning to rival some of the hottest summers in Wichita history – including the infamous summer of 1936, during the Dust Bowl.

Research conducted by the National Weather Service revealed that the average temperature since June 1 is about 3 degrees above normal, placing this summer as the fifth warmest since records began being kept in 1888.

1) 1934 86.02) 1980 85.73) 1954 84.04) 1936 83.55) 2010 82.5

The heat wave has intensified in August. The average temperature for the first eight days of the month 88.2 degrees, more than 6 degrees above normal for that time period. That’s the 6th warmest start to August on record, weather officials say, and if the current forecast of triple digit temperatures through Friday proves accurate, the first half of August 2010 could break into the top 3 to 5 warmest starts to August on record.

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