Kobach proposes creating an online voter fraud reporting program

TOPEKA – Republican Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach Wednesday proposed the office create an online voter fraud reporting program.

The site, hosted on the secretary of state’s website would be a place for people who may have witnessed voter fraud, Kobach said.

“When you don’t have acutally a uniform system for reporting voter fraud easily, a lot of people just know where to go,” he said. “They experience or observe suspicious voting behavior, they don’t know whom to contact. Do the call the secretary of state? Do they call the county clerks office? Do they call the attorney general’s office.”

Georgia already uses their secretary of state’s website as a place where people can report voter fraud online, he said. Kobach was not sure if the function had increased the amount of voter fraud reported in Georgia.

Kobach has made fighting voter fraud a central theme of his campaign, although he opponent and current Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs, as well as former Republican secretaries, have said voter fraud is not a major problem in Kansas.

"The real fraud is the continued and dishonest insistence that Kansas elections aren't secure,” Biggs said in a written statement. “Our election process is fair and secure, and every eligible citizen who has the right to vote is able to do so. There is no need to radically reinvent the role of the Secretary of State; this office must remain free of partisanship and focused on real issues that affect Kansans."

Kobach has said that that no one is seriously investigating potential voting fraud, so there is no way of knowing how many instances exist.

In addition to creating the online reporting system, Kobach said that if elected his office would assume a greater roll in investigating and prosecuting voter fraud.