More Wichita schools fall short on state testing targets

Thirteen more Wichita schools fell short of state testing targets this year.

That means more than half of Wichita's public schools — 52 out of 85 — don't meet the standards set by the Kansas Department of Education for math or reading or both.

Test results released today indicate which schools and districts didn't meet targets in reading and math.

Each year the state requires that a higher percentage of students pass math and reading assessments to make "adequate yearly progress" required by federal law. The federal No Child Left Behind law requires all students at all schools to pass state assessments by 2014.

Statewide, the number of districts achieving targets dropped in 2010, from 87.6 percent last year to 81 percent this year.

Wichita, Derby, Haysville and Valley Center did not make adequate yearly progress, according to today's report.