Baby's birth in parking lot at Kansas State Fair a mystery

WICHITA — It is a baby mystery. Or a mystery baby.

A baby was born in the north parking lot of the Kansas State Fair on Monday, fair officials said.

What that meant for State Fair officials was a mystery, literally.

Fair officials tried to find out about the birth. It seemed like one of those happy events, the news of which might enhance the experience of going to the State Fair, along with seeing cute baby animals and sampling hamburgers sandwiched cutely between sugar-saturated doughnuts.

Fair officials made a few calls to emergency responders in Hutchinson to learn what happened. No one would talk to them.

Fair officials heard that the mother and baby had been taken to Promise Regional Medical Center in Hutchinson. But a spokesman there today said, "We don't have her."

So as of late this afternoon, it was all a baby mystery. Or a mystery baby.

"We know that it happened, we know that emergency vehicles responded here," said Lori Mulch, assistant director of the State Fair. "But with medical rules about privacy being all they are, that's probably all we'll get as far as information.

"As far as we know, this is the first time this ever happened in 98 years," she added.

"And if the fair keeps going as far into the future as we hope, it probably won't be the last time."