'Til We Meet Again casket company at Towne West Square gets a boost from YouTube

WICHITA — Not surprisingly, the 'Til We Meet Again casket store has attracted a lot of attention since it opened at Towne West Square in March.

A YouTube video — "Death Comes to the Mall" — has since given it a lot more attention, especially nationally.

"We're almost to 100,000 (views)," says co-owner Traci Cone. "It's crazy."

It's proving to be a boon to business, too.

Cone was manning the store earlier this year when a man visiting from North Carolina stopped by and started shooting video.

"It happens every day," Cone says of videos and photos.

Sometimes people won't even come into the store to snap pictures or shoot video. Cone says they’ll sneak around corners.

The more than six-minute, spur-of-the-moment video the North Carolina man shot shows the store's signature caskets — the KU casket is the most popular attraction — and unusual urns, such as a fishing pole.

"It has been amazing," co-owner Nathan Smith says of reaction to the video. "Business was already good, but honestly that video took it to a whole new level.

"We have sold caskets and urns all across the country because of it."

He also now has interest from at least five people who would like to have a franchise.

"We have been inundated about franchising," Smith says.