Cessna expected to deliver contract offer to union today

WICHITA — Cessna Aircraft is expected to deliver its final contract offer to its Machinists union sometime today.

The current contract expires Sunday. Union members are scheduled to vote Saturday at Century II on the offer.

Machinists spokesman Bob Wood said it's difficult to know how long talks will go today.

Union officials on Friday criticized Cessna's current offer.

Cessna is seeking a 10-year agreement, officials said. The company wants to cut wages, reduce job classifications, weaken seniority, increase health care costs and eliminate pensions, while providing no job security, officials said.

Machinists aerospace coordinator Ron Eldridge called it "the worst proposal I have ever seen.''

A simple majority is needed to accept the contract offer. If the offer is rejected, it takes a two-thirds vote to strike.

If there are not enough votes to strike, the offer is accepted by default.