Faulty equipment may mean higher Wichita water bill

WICHITA — Wichita water customers may receive a higher bill due to added days in the billing cycle, because faulty equipment is putting meter readers behind schedule, city officials said today.

Malfunctioning equipment, which includes hand-held meter-reading devices and data-collection vehicles, are causing delays, the city said.

The Utilities department has obtained back-up equipment until existing equipment is repaired, Chris Carrier, interim director of Water Utilities, said. Staff from the Public Works' maintenance division is helping with meter readings, Carrier added.

Bills will be prorated so that a customer is not penalized for a longer billing period. Customers with additional service days in the current billing cycle will likely see fewer days of service in their subsequent bill.

Reading and billing, which have been behind since at least June, are expected back on schedule by mid-August.