Legislature passes tax incentives for automakers, adjourns session

JEFFERSON CITY | Missouri’s special legislative session is adjourned.

The House finished its work and adjourned this morning, while the Senate followed suit early this afternoon.

In their final action, House lawmakers passed the tax-incentive package for automakers. From here the tax breaks for Ford Motor Co. and other companies go to Gov. Jay Nixon for his signature and passage into law.

The tax incentives would allow automakers and suppliers in the state to keep up to $15 million a year in employees’ withholding taxes in exchange for retaining jobs and upgrading facilities.

It’s aimed at saving the 3,900 jobs and two assembly lines currently in operation at Ford’s Claycomo plant,which is expected to lose one of those production lines next year.

In the Senate, lawmakers gave final approval to the pension reform bill at about 12:45, clearing their slate and bringing the whole special session to a close.

The bill raises the retirement age for new state employees to 67, requires them to contribute to their pensions and requires 10 years of service in order to receive benefits.

It, likewise, goes on to the governor for final passage into law.