KU police identify suspect in case of armed man reported on campus

The story about an attacking intruder that caused a lockdown Friday at a University of Kansas residence hall was fiction, campus police said Saturday.

A KU student told police that an armed man had attacked her in her dorm room. She invented a description of the supposedly fleeing man, according to University of Kansas police.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, whom police identified as Samuel Lennell Moore, 20, of Kansas City, Kan., said he had tried to protect his girlfriend. Moore also created a description of the nonexistent attacker, police said. He said he was on the dorm floor visiting a friend and he lied to police about his name, they said.

It was an argument between Moore and his girlfriend Friday afternoon that prompted a dorm neighbor to call police when she heard the words, “Where’s my gun?”

Police conducted a floor-by-floor search of the 10-story building, and McCollum Hall residents were advised to stay put. The dorm has 900 residents. The campus was on high alert but remained open for students and faculty.

Moore was being sought Saturday as a suspect in the incident. Moore is not a KU student. He is wanted on several arrest warrants for failure to appear in court on charges of theft and criminal trespass, police said.

KU police described Moore as black, 6 feet tall and 155 pounds. He was reported to be driving a silver 2004 Saturn Ion with Kansas tags 375 CDS.

Moore may have a weapon and should not be approached. Call 911, police said.The KU Public Safety Office gave this description of Friday’s events:

“Police were called to McCollum Hall at 1:55 p.m. Friday after a neighbor told housing staff that she had overheard a couple arguing in an adjacent room and the man yelling, ‘Where’s my gun? Where’s my gun?’

“Police responded within two minutes of the report and questioned the woman in the room where the argument occurred. Police said the woman provided a false statement that an armed man had attacked her in her room. She also invented a false description of the assailant.

“Moore, who told police he was visiting a friend on the same floor, claimed to police he had intervened to protect the woman and that the armed assailant had fled down the stairs. He too gave a false description and lied to police about his own name, police said.”

The woman who made the report about the intruder will face student housing and non-academic misconduct disciplinary hearings, KU police said. Police will present a report to the Douglas County district attorney’s office.

“There was a responsible report of someone suspected of having a gun in a residence hall,” said university spokeswoman Jill Jess in a statement. “During the investigation, the couple involved lied to police and invented a false story and description. Based on that information, we did a thorough search of the building to ensure the safety of our students.”

Jess praised the student who reported the argument: “The neighbor who overheard the argument and reported it to housing staff acted responsibly and appropriately. She did the right thing and is to be commended.”