Police: Monday shooting death linked to drive-by, gang feud

Wichita police say they are trying to stem an apparent gang feud that erupted Monday with the shooting death of a 21-year-old man.

Deputy Chief Tom Stolz said at a news briefing this morning that the death of Otis Bolden Jr. appears to be related to a drive-by shooting across town three hours later.

Bolden was shot around 11:30 a.m. in his bed. Police learned about a drive-by shooting at 2:30 p.m. Monday in the 1600 block of North Hydraulic. Although several residents fled the scene, some have been identified as gang members.

Through anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers, intelligence by police gang units on the street and other sources, Stolz said it appears the two incidents are part gang activity.

"We've gotten a flood of calls saying Hydraulic and Webb are related," Stolz said.

But police are asking the public for more information.

"We need specifics," Stolz said. "Someone knows who this is. These are someone's kids, brothers, sisters of acquaintances. We need to act on this before another 21-year-old is killed needlessly."

Police have tied a green sport-utility vehicle, either a Mercury Mountaineer or Ford Explorer, with what Stolz described as "fancy spoked wheels" to the drive-by shooting.

Stolz said police want to keep the feud from escalating, considering gang violence has been down in Wichita this year.

Incidents of gang-related drive-by shootings are down 77 percent, assaults with weapons down 40 percent and homicides by 90 percent, compared with this time last year, Stolz said.

Anyone with information may contact 316-268-4181, 316-268-4191, or Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111.

Crime Stoppers may also be contacted via Twitter — — and Facebook —