Shots fired near 17th and Oliver

WICHITA _ It didn't necessarily happen in this order. But on a well-populated residential street this evening, someone fired several shots, a Cadillac crashed into a telephone pole and a witness saw one man who appeared to be bleeding from an arm as people ran every which way.

Police are still trying to sort out what happened. Police Capt. Jeff Easter described it as a large disturbance that occurred around the time that words were exchanged during a gathering of more than 15 juveniles at Crestview and Harding, in a neighborhood just southeast of 17th and Oliver.

The disturbance played out around 7 p.m. tonight.

Police had a tracking dog looking in the neighborhood for possible victims or suspects, Easter said.

It's possible the shots were aimed at the Cadillac that crashed, he said.

When police arrived they found the Cadillac on Crestview with its front end destroyed after striking a telephone pole. Down the street, officers discovered a large tennis shoe in the middle of the pavement.

The commotion drew dozens of adults and children into frontyards around the area, where police blocked off several intersections.

Few witnesses were providing information to police, Easter said.

One woman, who did not want to give her name, said the gunfire sounded like mortar rounds. She heard screaming and saw people running down a nearby street.

By around 9 p.m., police had yet to find the victim, Easter said.

SCAT (Special Community Action Team) officers from across the city respond to such incidents "so we can address this right away before we have retaliatory shootings ... and to show the citizens that live out there in that neighborhood that we take this very seriously," Easter said.