Fare for Share-A-Fare service goes up today

More cost cutting at Kansas City’s bus agency will be felt starting this morning.

Starting today, fares for Kansas City’s Share-A-Fare program will increase by 25 cents to help offset declining tax revenues for transit.

Also today, the city will eliminate its swing-shift service, a program that provides free taxi service to bus riders when a bus is available for only one leg of their trip to work. Started in 1998, the program serves 60 to 75 people, totaling about 13,300 yearly trips.

Ending the swing-shift service will save roughly $350,000.

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority approved the changes last year to deal with tough budget times.

Share-A-Fare is a transit service for people with disabilities, the elderly and the poor.

The fare will increase to $2.50 a trip for eligible disabled riders. Other Share-A-Fare riders will see increases of 25 cents to $1, depending on how far they travel.

Bus riders could see more changes later this year depending on whether certain things happen.

If there’s an ozone-alert day, bus fares will be 75 cents instead of 50 cents.

And bus fares will go up a quarter if diesel fuel reaches $3 a gallon. Any increase would last only as long as diesel costs $3 or more.