Sentence overturned for Kansas man who put child in dryer

TOPEKA | The Kansas Court of Appeals has overturned the 10-year prison sentence of a Hutchinson man who put a young boy in a hot clothes dryer.

Aron Pritchard was convicted in 2008 of abusing his girlfriend's 3-year-old son and endangering her 2-year-old daughter. Charges stemmed from a November 2006 incident.

The boy told authorities that Pritchard put him in the dryer and turned it on to punish him for wetting his pants. The boy suffered second-degree burns.

Pritchard said he and the children were playing a game.

Pritchard received the maximum sentence.

But the Court of Appeals on Thursday ordered a new sentencing, saying the trial judge shouldn't have allowed a doctor's testimony that Pritchard's actions were excessively brutal.