Apollo 13 astronauts gather at Kansas space museum

HUTCHINSON, Kan. | Two Apollo 13 astronauts traveled to a Kansas space museum over the weekend to visit the space capsule that brought them home after a harrowing mission.

Forty years ago, the mission transfixed the nation after a ruptured oxygen tank crippled their spacecraft while en route to the moon. Saturday's gathering at the Kansas Cosmosphere marked the anniversary of the ill-fated flight.

One of the astronauts, Fred Haise, hadn't seen the Apollo 13 space capsule since he crawled out of it in the South Pacific.

Haise looked over the capsule with his one-time mission commander, astronaut James Lovell.

Haise said he didn't look at it on the aircraft carrier. He was sick and went to bed shortly after landing.

The third member of the crew, Jack Swigert, died of bone cancer in 1982.