Shots fired in area where children playing

WICHITA — A man fired about five shots from a passing vehicle on East 18th Street near Atwater Neighborhood City Hall tonight while about 25 children were playing in the area, police said.

It wasn't clear what the gunman was firing at, but it was fortunate no one was struck, said police Capt. Jeff Easter.

"When folks do this, they have no idea who all they're putting in danger," Easter said.

"This could have been a tragedy tonight."

Outside the neighborhood center, near 18th and Volutsia, there is a large recreation area, including tennis and basketball courts. Up to 25 children, ages roughly 7 to 14, were playing in the area when the shots rang out, he said.

Witnesses said that at about 6 p.m., a young man leaned out of a passing vehicle and fired a handgun.

Police recovered shell casings, Easter said.

The vehicle was described as a Ford Excursion or Expedition SUV — painted black above and silver below — with silver wheels and tinted windows.

Easter asked that anyone with information about the incident call police at 316-350-3400 or 316-268-4191 or Crime Stoppers, 316-267-2111.