Funkhouser, KC council vote for Briarcliff hotel tax increment plan

When Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser was running for office in 2007, he was asked at a mayoral campaign debate whether he supported tax breaks for a multimillion-dollar  hotel/office complex in the upscale Briarcliff development just north of downtown.

His response was an emphatic "No! It's the silliest thing I have ever heard of."

But the City Council approved the plan anyway and Funkhouser went on to be elected mayor.

Today, that Briarcliff hotel was back before the council, and this time Funkhouser was one of the "yes" votes in a measure that passed 12-0.

Since 2007, the economy has soured and the developer has amended the plan. The amended tax increment financing agreement calls for changing the hotel from a 175-room luxury structure to a 120-room hotel consistent with the other buildings in Briarcliff.

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