Bill would make more information on child-custody orders available to police

JEFFERSON CITY | More information concerning parental custody would be available to police under legislation filed this week in the Missouri House.

The bill, filed by Rep. Jason Kander, a Kansas City Democrat, would include additional details on protection and child-custody orders in the law-enforcement database that police can access from their patrol cars.

It’s being called “Sam and Lindsey’s Law,” after Sam and Lindsey Porter, two Independence children who were killed by their father in 2004.

The Sam and Lindsey law would only apply to protection orders that have provisions related to child custody.

The children’s mother, Tina Porter, was a driving force in drafting the legislation, Kander said.

With the law in place, police who pull over an individual could see if he was supposed to have custody of his children and did not, or vice versa.

“Officers should be aware of all available information when encountering someone who may be a risk to children,” Kander said.

The bill still must be assigned to a committee, the first step in the legislative process.