Man burned in groin area is charged with making meth

MINER, Mo. | A southeast Missouri man faces drug charges after catching clothing around his crotch on fire, allegedly while using the shake-and-bake method to make methamphetamine.

The Sikeston Standard-Democrat reported that 44-year-old John Smith is accused of several felonies.

On Friday, witnesses told police they saw a man get out of his vehicle with a bottle on fire and flames in the area of his crotch. He ran toward a trash bin, poured out the contents, threw out the bottle and fled.

Smith was arrested at a hotel. He had blisters from the fire but was not badly hurt.

In shake-and-bake meth making, ingredients are typically placed in a plastic soda bottle and shaken.

Police found meth-making ingredients in the trash bin. Smith is jailed on $75,000 bond.