Census looking for Wichita-area workers

More than 1,000 temporary jobs will be offered in the next few months to Wichita-area residents willing to work flexible hours, go door to door and earn $10 to $17 an hour.

U.S. Census workers are needed.

Regional census bureau officials were in Wichita this morning encouraging residents to not only complete and mail back their census forms this March but to recruit census workers.

The census, taken every 10 years, affects political representation and directs the allocation of billions of dollars in government funding.

"I want to express how important the census is to all of us in the community," said Charlene Stevens, assistant manager for Sedgwick County. "It is the foundation for creating our city and county districts and determining our representative seats of government. ... It is essential for our community's economics. ... If we don't get the number right in 2010, we will have to live with it for another 10 years."

People interested in applying should go to or call the Kansas City regional office at 866-861-2010.