Maize cancels school for Friday; Wichita doesn't

The Maize school district's automated phone system caused some confusion among Wichita parents this afternoon.

There's no school in the Maize school district on Friday because of the extremely cold temperatures forecast.

But Wichita schools are in session on Friday, as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

Some Wichita parents, though, said they received automated calls about school cancellations, probably from the Maize district, Wichita spokeswoman Susan Arensman said.

She said the districts are working to figure out why the Wichita parents got calls from the Maize district.

But Maize district spokeswoman Karen McDermott said only Maize parents and employees should have received the cancellation call.

Usually automated messages are sent to Maize parents' home numbers, but McDermott said the district activated its emergency list Thursday, which also calls parents' work and cell phone numbers.

McDermott said she thinks the confusion came from the system dialing workplace numbers that were answered by someone other than a Maize parent.

The Wichita district has up until 6 a.m. Friday to decide whether to keep its schools in session.

Bus routes and schools ran smoothly and mostly on-time despite bone-chilling wind today, Arensman said.

Wichita parents can call 316-973-4259 or visit for updates.

For now, no school for Maize students Friday, but Wichita students can still expect to be in class tomorrow.

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