Raytown water main break reduces water pressure

Raytown Water crews today are working to repair a broken main on 53rd Street between Raytown and Pitman Roads.

No customers in the city are without water, but the break has reduced water pressure to some, said Neal Clevenger, supervisor with Raytown Water.

He said the cold weather probably caused the break.

Traffic is down to one lane in that area, and Clevenger warns that although the iced-over streets have been coated with sand by the Raytown Public Works Department, motorists should drive with caution through that area in case of slick spots.

Clevenger said crews had worked until 1 this morning on repairing the main, which broke about 1 p.m. Friday. The six-person crew had to chip away at snow- and ice-covered water valves.

Clevenger sent crews home after hours of work, fearing for their safety after they had been in the bitter cold for so long.

"Once you get wet you are done," Clevenger said.

Crews returned to the site about 8 a.m. today. An area resident who heard about them working in the 2-degree temperatures brought the group doughnuts and coffee, Clevenger said.