Account of shooting is changed

WICHITA — A shooting at a south Wichita house that left two men wounded happened differently than originally thought, police said today.

Initially, police suspected that a 38-year-old man who went to the house and a 35-year-old man who lives there opened fire on each other after words were exchanged. Now, police think that the 35-year-old resident drew a gun and shot the 38-year-old in the knee and that the 38-year-old was only a victim who was trying to escape, police Lt. Todd Ojile said.

As the resident fired shots, he accidentally wounded himself in the foot, Ojile said.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon in the 6000 block of South Walnut.

A next-door neighbor also shot at, but did not strike, the fleeing 38-year-old, Ojile said. The neighbor fired from an open window before the victim drove off, Ojile said.

Both wounded men are out of the hospital.

Police have arrested the resident, the neighbor and a third person in the shooting, Ojile said.

The 38-year-old apparently had done work for the resident and went to the house to get money that was owed to him, Ojile said.

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