Parole officers group warns of 'disastrous' effect of budget cuts

An attorney representing Kansas parole officers said today they are "greatly concerned" about possible budget cuts that would drastically cut back supervision of offenders across the state.

They are not only worried about losing their jobs, said Sean McCauley, a Kansas City, Mo., attorney representing Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 64, which represents parole officers working for the Kansas Department of Corrections.

"The FOP steadfastly maintains that any elimination of the current supervision of parolees would have a disastrous impact on public safety in the state of Kansas," McCauley said in a statement emailed to The Eagle.

McCauley said the statement is a response to an Eagle story Sunday in which state officials said that a possible 5 percent budget cut would force the Department of Corrections to lay off 125 people — including 85 percent of the parole staff that helps monitor about 6,000 offenders after they are released from state prisons.