Rainbows to move programs, cut more staff

Rainbows United said today that it will move all its programs and additional staff to Kids' Cove at 2258 N. Lakeway Circle and Kids' Point at 3223 N. Oliver.

The move is expected to result in up to 11 layoffs due to consolidation of classrooms at Kids' Point.

All children will continue to receive current services, with some delivered at a different location. Transportation for all special-needs children will continue to be provided.

Programs at Rainbows Connection, 2901 W. Taft, will move to Kids' Cove. They include family support services, respite care, targeted case management services, foster care, Camp Woodchuck and the Latch Key program.

Center-based services for children ages 3 to 5 will move to Kids' Point.

The moves are part of a restructuring effort by the nonprofit. Rainbows United filed for bankruptcy reorganization protection in July, citing $5.6 million in unpaid debts.