Wichita school official considered for Ohio position

A Wichita assistant school superintendent is being considered for the chief position at a small urban school district in Ohio.

Greg Rasmussen, who oversees 30 of the 58 elementary schools in Wichita, was named today as one of the three finalists for the superintendent position at Middletown schools — a district of about 6,800 students between Cincinnati and Dayton.

Rasmussen said he learned about the job opening from a recruiter, and the Ohio district sparked his interest.

"I'm not necessarily looking to leave," he said, adding he learned was a finalist Tuesday night. "I could stay here too if it doesn't work out."

Rasmussen came to the Wichita district in 2001, after serving as coordinator of technology education at the Kansas State Department of Education. He was appointed assistant superintendent in 2005.

Although a far cry from Wichita's 50,000 students, the Midtown district has similar challenges because of a comparable poverty rate — about 70 percent of students receive reduced-price meals.

Rasmussen said he applied last year for the open superintendent position in Wichita, but he wasn't named a finalist.

Wichita school board president Barbara Fuller said today she was "a little surprised" Rasmussen was applying for another job, and she said he had a good rapport with John Allison, who was hired as superintendent.

If Rasmussen left, Fuller said it's uncertain whether his position would be filled because of budget constraints.

"I hope it works out for what's best for him," she said.