Budget axe to fall again in Topeka today

TOPEKA | Today’s the day for more budget cuts in Kansas.

Gov. Mark Parkinson will unveil his plan to reduce state spending by some $260 million at 3:30 this afternoon, his office says.

This round of cuts – at least the fourth since the year began – comes as state revenues continue to flag. We don’t know what’s going to get cut, but the options are getting worse and worse.

Several Kansas school districts are threatening a lawsuit if school funding is cut again. The Board of Regents is hinting that any more budget cuts could prompt more tuition increases. Parkinson himself has said that social services and corrections have already been cut to the bone.

Last week Parkinson told reporters that there’s no more fat to cut from the budget.

“We are past the point of there being any easy decisions,” he said. “We are now cutting into the bone of government services.”

He said his office was examining every option, including employee furloughs.

“We’re looking at every possibility,” Parkinson said.