Paseo Bridge project will divert traffic, starting today

Drivers crossing the Paseo Bridge into downtown should be prepared for a distinctly different driving experience starting today.

Southbound drivers will be moved to the right near Front Street onto a temporary ramp that will take them down and up again into the northeast side of the downtown freeway loop. It will feel very much like you’re exiting the interstate and then re-entering again but without stopping. The speed limit will only be 35 mph through the narrow two-lane corridor.

The lane shift will start after 8:30 this morning.

Eventually, the northbound traffic will be pushed onto temporary ramps that will guide you through the construction zone the same way.

The temporary ramps will be in place for about a year so construction workers can build a new Front Street interchange that will work very similar to one in Lenexa at 87th Street and I-35.

The interchange is part of the $245 million Paseo Bridge project, which calls for widening I-29/35 to three lanes in each direction across the Missouri River.