Wichita man found hiding in weeds after chase

WICHITA _ This wasn't a vast expanse of waist-high tallgrass prairie, and he wasn't a field mouse.

So it wasn't difficult for police officers to find a man hiding in the weeds in the back yard of his house late Sunday night _ where he attempted to avoid capture after fleeing from an officer at speeds topping 100 miles an hour.

The episode's opening act came shortly before 10 p.m. at Central and Meridian, where an officer attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. Instead, the car raced north on Amidon at such high speeds the officer called off pursuit.

Officers in north Wichita recognized the car a short time later, however, and watched the driver park the car in the 3100 block of North Salina. The driver then ran into a house.

Police said he tossed his keys to his grandmother and told her to tell anyone who came to the door that he wasn't home. Officers searched the home and then the backyard, where they found him hiding.

The 22-year-old man was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence and traffic violations.