Thieves see stolen rock sink in the Arkansas

Two thieves tried to pilfer landscaping rock from next to the Keeper of the Plains early this morning, but their would-be heist sank — literally.

Witnesses told police the men backed a brown Ford Explorer to the edge of the Arkansas River in the 600 block of North Seneca shortly before 1:20 a.m.

They loaded several landscaping rocks into the truck — but then the load shifted, and the Explorer rolled backward into the river and sank, Lt. Guy Schroeder said. The two suspects then ran off.

Investigators found 12 limestone rocks in the bed of the sunken truck.

When they went to an address linked with the truck, Schroder said, they discovered the residents there "were in the process of landscaping their front yard."

The two suspects remain at large, but police said they know the identity of a 45-year-old man who allegedly took part in the caper.

The truck has been impounded as evidence, and the rocks have been returned to the Keeper of the Plains.