Southbound access to Paseo Bridge is reopened

The southbound lanes of the Paseo Bridge are back open after they were closed to allow emergency repairs to an expansion joint that came apart this morning, causing minor damage to some cars.

The closing of the Paseo Bridge, which carries traffic on Interstate 29/35, compounded traffic problems already caused by the closing of the Broadway Bridge (Route 169) for the annual aviation expo and air show at Wheeler Downtown Airport. Traffic was redirected to the other Missouri River crossings at the Heart of America Bridge (Route 9) or the Choteau Bridge (Route 269).

The expansion joint on the north side of the bridge came apart about 9 a.m., according to Jennifer Benefield, a spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Transportation. Several cars lost wheels and had other minor damage before one of the southbound lanes was closed, she said. The remaining southbound lanes were shut down about 10 a.m. to allow access to repair crews.

The closing had southbound I-29/35 traffic backed up to Parvin Road, almost two miles, early this afternoon.

It also caused substantial traffic problems in the Paseo Industrial District.