MU says ex-coach Stewart has made $790,400 as a fundraiser since 2004

The University of Missouri, through a statement released Monday night by the MU News Bureau, has done two things.

First, it expressed appreciation for all that former coach Norm Stewart has done over the years for Missouri basketball and the school itself.

And detailed how much money, in the face of harsh economic times, that the university has paid Stewart in his capacity as fundraiser and goodwill ambassador. A sum of $790,400 since 2004, according to the news bureau.

“MU is fortunate to have thousands of loyal retirees and alumni across the state and around the world who support the university in so many valuable ways, and certainly Norm Stewart has been among the most prominent,” the statement said.

“Following his retirement from the university, MU compensated Norm annually for his services, specifically $130,000 in (fiscal year) '04 and '05 and $132,600 in FY '06, FY '07, FY '08 and FY '09. The university concluded the financial relationship at the end of the campaign and in the face of major budget challenges.”