Rings stolen in Players heist recovered

Some of the sports memorabilia stolen last week from Players sports bar in west Wichita has been recovered, police said, but the bar's owner conceded Friday that he fears he may not be able to recover all of the items stolen.

Among the stolen items are two baseballs autographed by Babe Ruth and a Mickey Mantle baseball card from his rookie year of 1952 — items that could be worth a combined total of more than $50,000.

Five rings were also stolen, including salesman's samples for Super Bowl IX and X. Some of the rings have been recovered, Players owner Dave Chaffin said, but he would not say which ones or how many.

Capt. Darrell Haynes said police have identified a suspect, but he has not been located yet.

"I have no doubt they'll catch him," Chaffin said. "My doubt comes in how cooperative he will be, and how hard it is to get the memorabilia back."

The items were stolen early on the morning of July 29 from display cases just inside the front entrance to the sports bar in the 6200 block of West 21st Street, police said.

The suspect broke a window on the back side of the business, went directly to the display cases on the opposite side of the building, then left through the emergency exit, police said.

"There's nothing wrong with our security system," Chaffin said. "They were in and out in three minutes. He was that quick."

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