KCTV-5 finds a new sports partner: 810 WHB

It's been the buzz in the market for a few days now and now TVB can confirm it ...

Eight months after KCTV-5 greatly reduced its relationship with Metro Sports — the Time Warner Cable-owned channel and production house that allowed KCTV-5 to eliminate its sports staff in 2003 — the CBS affiliate is joining forces with Kansas City's top-rated sports talk radio station.

810 WHB personalities will appear on camera providing reporting and analysis for the two big sports that KCTV-5 covers throughout the year: Chiefs football and Jayhawks basketball. (Sister station KSMO-TV just grabbed the rights to KU games.)

"The amount of people that we've got doing sports work for us this year, the personalities, it's unbelievable," said KCTV-KSMO general manager Kirk Black this morning. "We've got all these 810 guys but also Trent Green on the locker room show, Kevin Harlan, Dave Armstrong ... we've got an unbelievable stable of well known sports personalities working for us on our Chiefs stuff — for someone that doesn't have a daily sports department. This really helps us bridge that gap without having Metro."

Metro Sports will continue to produce Chiefs preseason games for KCTV-5. The nightly sports report won't be returning, probably ever, but Black guarantees you will see a lot of Kevin Kietzman, Soren Petro, "Border Patrol" dudes, etc., on camera.

"Pretty much all of them are going to be on camera for analysis and co-hosting," Black said. "We talked a lot about that," said Black. "We had a lot of conversations about migrating radio personalities to television and making them TV ready. But that's why every show that we do will have a TV host and they'll be assisting that radio host. We're not going to ask any of them to be the main host of any of the shows."

The deal is for just one year. "It's a new venture for both us," said Black. "Let's get through March Madness of next year and see how it went."

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PR follows....

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, August 5, 2009. KCTV5 and Sports Radio 810 WHB announced today a first of its kind partnership in Kansas City sports coverage. The stations will combine resources and talent to bring Kansas City fans the best and most comprehensive sports reporting and programming in town.

For the bulk of its Chiefs and NCAA programming, KCTV5 will depend on Sports Radio 810’s experts to provide game day analysis. WHB’s biggest names will have a major role in more than 50 sports-related shows airing on KCTV5 and spanning football and basketball seasons.

“KCTV5 has a proud history of bringing signature sporting events to Kansas City Viewers. From this year’s Superbowl, to the Jayhawks 2008 NCAA championship to the Masters we broadcast the biggest, most highly viewed sports programming in the Kansas City market every year,” said Kirk Black, Senior Vice President and General Manager for KCTV5 & MyKSMO-TV. “With our historical commitment to Chiefs pre-season and regular season games and production, as well as our new relationship with the Jayhawks network on MyKSMO-TV, it just made sense to pursue this partnership with Sports Radio 810, the predominant sports reporting experts in town.”

"We think it’s a great fit for our sports journalists and commentators to team up with KCTV5," said Chad Boeger, President of Sports Radio 810. "We have always had strong relationships with Kansas City's television stations and will bring KCTV5 a new dimension to sports reporting and team coverage. Our outstanding staff of reporters is excited to cover the Chiefs and NCAA Basketball not only on radio but now television on KCTV5's premiere stage. This is a great partnership."