Encounter with zebra costs Pittsburg State football player 2009 season

PITTSBURG, Kan. | Pittsburg State football player Joe Windscheffel has lost his chance to play this season after an encounter with a zebra on a farm near Lawrence.

Windscheffel, a 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker/safety from Smith Center, recently had to move three female and a male zebra to paint a fence along a pasture line.

But the male charged him, bit his arm and would not let go. The animal was dragging Windscheffel by his arm when two of his fellow farm hands finally freed him.

Windscheffel says the attack was completely unprovoked.

He was left with a compound fracture on his forearm that required a plate and six pins. That means Windscheffel — who redshirted last season because of an Achilles injury — won't be able to play for the Gorillas this season.