Regents order more audits of Kansas universities

In the wake of questions raised about financial practices at Kansas State University, the state's Board of Regents have ordered three additional audits at other institutions.

And some regents say they want regular audits of all universities.

The K-State audit, released last week, revealed a series of undisclosed payments, conflicts of interest, accounting irregularities and possible tax problems at the university and its athletic department.

Similar audits are under way for the University of Kansas and Pittsburg State University. All three reviews were triggered by the departures of top university leaders and were meant to help their replacements.

But the Regents, meeting today in Topeka, said the K-State audit's findings convinced them to order new audits for the other Regents institutions - Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University and Wichita State University.

They also discussed the need for regular audits of all six universities, though no action was taken on the proposal.