Cordish Co. on DJ Jazzy Jeff: Problem 'was solely technical in nature'

Editor's note: The Cordish Co. on Monday released the following statement regarding DJ Jazzy Jeff's weekend performance in the Power & Light District:


June 8, 2009

Media Contact: Jon


On Saturday night Kansas City Live! was proud to feature a DJ performance by Jazzy Jeff. Jazzy Jeff is a tremendous artist with a long and successful history in the hip-hop/rap music genre and KC Live! was honored to have Jazzy Jeff play the venue. The event played by Jazzy Jeff was the second year of a similar promotion, last years featuring Mix Master Mike. We were delighted to feature the music that Jazzy Jeff is famous for. That is why he was scheduled to perform and his performance was excellent and exactly what we expected when he was scheduled.

The problem that occurred was solely technical in nature. KC Live! is not a traditional concert venue and thus the sound amplification and the type of sound waves compatible with the overall sound system are an issue with some production companies accustomed to concert venue shows. Whenever possible KC Live! handles the production of the shows however this artist supplied his own production staff. Thirty minutes into his performance the venue production engineers repeatedly informed the artists production staff that the system was being red-lined and that volume needed to be lowered to prevent damage to the system. The artists personnel ultimately refused and the artist terminated the concert for that reason. To characterize this incident in racial terms is absurd and illogical. We scheduled Jazzy Jeff proudly, knowing exactly his repertoire of music.

There was in fact extensive damage done to the system due to the performance. There are twelve high end drivers in the main cabinets of the sound system. Nine of the twelve high end drivers of the sound system were permanently damaged by the "square" sound wave being sent from the artists production which put the overall system is distress. Had the levels been adjusted in a quick manner the system would not have been damaged. Problems in aligning artist and venue production have occurred with other performers, for example the rock and roll band Lights and Siren stopped in mid concert to prevent damage to the sound system.

We would happily have Jazzy Jeff return as often as his schedule would accommodate and he is booked at another facility which is affiliated with Kansas City Live!