Beer-stealing ex-cop now accused of spilling Kansas mail

SALINA, Kan. | The man fired as Wilson police chief for stealing beer from firefighters is now accused of driving under the influence after a truck he was driving left mail scattered across a highway from McPherson County to Salina.

Brian Hill, 42, of Beverly, was arrested Thursday night after police were notified that mail was falling out of a truck on the highway.

Salina Postmaster Richard Brake said Friday that Hill works for contractor who delivers mail for the U.S. Postal Service in McPherson County to Salina.

Brake said the truck driver did not latch the rear door. He said the mail was in bundles and on trays and he was confident all the mail was recovered.

Hill was fired as Wilson's police chief in January after he was arrested Aug. 1, 2007, for stealing beer from the refrigerator in the office of the Wilson Volunteer Fire Department.