Kansas 5-year-old finds, returns $7,000 at Goodwill

WICHITA | A south-central Kansas girl stumbled across $7,000 stuffed in an envelope on the floor of a Goodwill store in Wichita.

Five-year-old kindergartner Claire Dingler of Maize gave the cash to her mother after peering inside the envelope and seeing "lots and lots of money." Her mother, Ginger Johnson, turned the cash in to a store employee.

Gayle Goetz with Goodwill Industries told Wichita TV station KWCH that Johnson simply asked, "Wouldn't anybody just turn it in?"

The owner was tracked down. But no details were provided about him or why he had so much cash.

The discovery is the second find of its kind this month. An employee at an Illinois Goodwill store found $7,500 in a shoebox that the owner mistakenly included in a donation of old shoes.