Missouri health worker suspected of secretly taping women

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. | Springfield police say a former health worker is suspected of persuading four females to weigh themselves naked, then secretly videotaping it.

The 29-year-old was fired from his job with St. John's Health System but has not been charged. The Springfield News-Leader reported Friday that he admitted the misdeeds to police, and that one of the females was a 16-year-old.

An affidavit said the suspect instructed the women to weigh nude to obtain a more accurate weight, and moved the scales into a secluded room for privacy.

He could face state charges of invasion of privacy and federal child pornography charges.

A St. John's spokeswoman would not comment.

Records show that police found two videotapes in a trash can at the man's home, and that he told them they contained footage of three young women and the teenager.