Civil suit against KU's Collins is dismissed

LAWRENCE | The civil suit against Kansas point guard Sherron Collins was dismissed on Thursday morning in Douglas County District Court.

Collins was accused of sexually assaulting a 35-year-old woman in a Jayhawker Towers elevator in May 2007, and a hearing was scheduled for April 15. But Collins’ attorney, Chris Burger, and the woman’s attorney, James Wisler, agreed to file a motion requesting a dismissal with prejudice. Judge Jack Murphy signed the motion Thursday morning. A dismissal with prejudice means that neither party can bring further legal action against the other in this matter.

“The plaintiff’s dismissal confirms that she knew that she could not prevail,” Burger said in a statement, “and supports everyone who also knew that the charges were false. Some people will still cast judgment on Mr. Collins over things that they know nothing about, but this dismissal is now stacked on top of the decisions by the Douglas County District Attorney, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the University of Kansas Department of Student Housing, and the University of Kansas Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, who each separately concluded that there was no basis for the claims.”

Burger said that, as part of the dismissal of prejudice, Collins had to dismiss his counterclaim that the woman was bringing a frivolous claim to the court. In other words, Collins cannot sue the woman. Back in July, Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson decided not to file criminal charges against Collins because of insufficient evidence. Burger said Branson’s decision is now held up by the woman’s agreement to dismiss the civil suit.

“It wasn’t a question of there not being enough there,” Burger said. “There just wasn’t anything there. (Collins’) only mistake was being alone in an elevator.”