Neo-Nazis march at Missouri Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY | Just over 50 neo-Nazis chanted anti-immigrant and anti-minority slogans during a two-hour march in Jefferson City, finishing at the state Capitol.

Spectators lined sidewalks along part of the route today, but there was no violence. At least two counter-protesters were handcuffed. But it's unclear if there were more arrests and a police spokesman did not immediately return a call.

A tense moment occurred as the neo-Nazis, protected by police in riot gear, marched back to their vehicles while exchanging taunts with demonstrators.

The neo-Nazis delivered a series of speeches for just over an hour from the Capitol's steps.

Most focused on condemning politicians, the federal economic bailout, Jews and minorities. Although newly elected President Barack Obama was mentioned, most of the speakers said Republican John McCain was no better.