Loss limit repeal effective today at Missouri casinos

Missouri’s $500 loss limit is officially history.

In a legal opinion issued Friday, Barbara Wood, general counsel to the Missouri Secretary of State, said repeal took effect with passage Election Day.

Missouri Gaming Commission officials had been preparing to ease into the new era sometime after Tuesday’s vote was formally certified by state election authorities, which is expected around Dec. 2.

But Wood’s opinion forced an immediate change, which is occurring this afternoon.

“Within the next two or three hours we’ll have temporary cards that can be utilized as an entry ticket without showing an ID,” said Ameristar executive Troy Stremming. “Or players can still use their club card.”

Stremming said casino employees were already at work altering the casino’s 3,000 slot machines to accommodate unlimited betting.

“As I understand it’s as simple as unplugging a wire,” he said. “They’ll undo that, but the machines will still track your play” for casino rewards programs.

Turnstiles and electronic player cards don’t go away because the Gaming Commission still must calculate and collect Missouri’s $2 per head admission tax that is based on hard counts of how many people enter and exit each of the state’s dozen casinos.

The commission last month approved nearly 100 pages of amendments to state casino regulations in anticipation that Proposition A would pass.

The key language maintained a state requirement on casinos for a double-count procedure, turnstiles and electronic player card swipes at the door, to insure an accurate count.