KC team second in pop culture contest

"Wocka Wocka" is not the sound $250,000 makes going down the drain, but it might as well be: The Kansas City team of that name lost the big money Thursday night on VH1's "World Series of Pop Culture."

Wocka Wocka, made up of a husband and wife who work at KC ad agencies and a grade-school teacher in Olathe, made it to the championship game from an original field of 16 teams. But in that final contest, Wocka Wocka lost three straight categories: questions about "The Simpsons," movie spoilers and "Bite Me," a category devoted to food scenes in movies.

Until he lost the tiebreaker in "Bite Me," Wocka Wocka's Robert Bishop had never lost a category over the course of the eight-night "World Series." (The tiebreaker was listing cast members of the recent hit movie "Little Miss Sunshine." Bishop, like most of us, couldn't come up with the name of actor Paul Dano.)

Making matters worse, Wocka Wocka was defeated by "Pop Culture's" youngest team, Twisted Misters, made up of current or former New York University students.

Asked on the show why his team lost, Bishop said: "They knew more stuff than us."

Bishop's teammates were his wife, Kelly, and their friend Rachel Cahill. The Bishops live in Prairie Village; Cahill in Kansas City.

Besides the $250,000, Twisted Misters scored a giant trophy.

A second Kansas City team, Westerburg High, survived the cut to eight teams but was eliminated earlier this week.

"Wocka wocka," incidentally, is the noise from the Pac-Man videogame.

The show was filmed last March in New York.