Kansas woman wins $12.9 million

TOPEKA, Kan. | When Lori Boyle stopped Wednesday to get gas and check on a lottery ticket, she had no idea she would walk out of the store a multimillionaire.

The 42-year-old mother of two daughters, ages 19 and 13, had bought the Hot Lotto ticket July 4 in her hometown of Independence, but had kept the ticket in her purse without realizing the $12.9 million jackpot had been hit in Kansas.

“I’m too busy to watch television much and I usually only look at the newspaper to see who died and who had a baby,” she said.

Boyle said she and her boyfriend, Keith Hofstrom, had gone to a wedding in Tulsa, Okla., over the weekend and bought $20 worth of Powerball tickets, hoping to win on Saturday — 7-7-07 — considered by many to be among the luckiest of days because the date has three sevens.

“All the time we were trying to get lucky, I had a ticket in my purse worth 12 million,” she said at a news conference at the Kansas Lottery headquarters.

Boyle said she hasn’t decided whether to take her money in 25 payments of $361,199.83 after state and federal taxes are paid or a lump sum payout of $5,186,671.70 after taxes. She said she will meet with a financial adviser to decide which option is best for her.