Kris Kobach to run for Kansas secretary of state next year

The announcement, long expected, came on Chris Stigall's show on KCMO this morning.

Kobach's campaign platform already is clear. He told Stigall that voter fraud has emerged as a "very real problem" in Kansas.

Fifty years ago, black Kansans were disenfranchised because of the color of their skin, Kobach said. Today, Kansans are disenfranchised when someone casts "10 fraudulent ballots.

“I want to tackle that problem.”

If elected, Kobach pledged to "clean house" in the secretary of state's office and push for voter ID legislation to make the system safer.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, he said, vetoed two voter ID bills.

Other candidates interested in the office are J.R. Claeys and state Sen. David Haley of Kansas City, Kan.

Four-term incumbent Ron Thornburgh, who is running for governor, also has filed paperwork with the state ethics commission indicating that he might seek the office again.